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Pragmatic innovation, striving, professional integrity

Pragmatic interpretation: adhere to the practical, comprehensive scientific judgment of the situation, seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, overcome difficulties, to speed up the development of the enterprise foothold on work diligently. To get the social public, customers, employees, peer recognition, respect and support.

Innovation - interpretation: adhere to the innovative spirit to strengthen the construction and management of the enterprise. Tracking industry, advanced technology, the ongoing technological innovation, committed to the enterprise, customers, suppliers and stakeholders benefit the entire value chain common goal of ascension.

Industrial - interpretation: through sets up the optimal consciousness and crisis consciousness, establish "stream, not to advance is to go back, slowly into the retreat" concept. To promote everyone want to "beat", all good "beat" and everything will be "beat", flowers bloom, energizes and talented people, benefit increasing gratifying situation.

Dedication - interpretation: stick to wuxi, fulfill their duties, attentively complete each thing; Stick to lead by example, committed, dare to take responsibility and risk; Stick to study hard, enterprising, strives for perfection, continuous improvement, constantly surpassing, committed to the continuous development of the enterprise.

Integrity - development is the absolute principle, the good faith is the soft environment. Is honesty is brand, reputation, but also competitive.

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